5 Things to Know Before Renting a Garbage Dumpster

Mar 5, 2024

Renting a garbage dumpster indicates an arduous and undesirable task at hand, like emptying a hoarder house or clearing old building materials. Although you want to finish the job quickly, you must exercise care when hiring a dumpster rental service. Otherwise, you could accidentally turn a straightforward process into a litany of fees and limitations. 

VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters walks you through a few things you should know before signing a rental contract. 

Why You Might Need a Dumpster

Searching “waste dumpster for rent” on a search engine typically means you have a sizable cleanup project to complete. Sure, you might complete the project using your own equipment. However, it’ll take much longer and require more effort than with a rental dumpster. 

Dumpster rental helps with cleaning hoarder houses, disposing of old building materials, tidying a construction site, or restoring a local habitat. Letting a waste management service do the heavy lifting streamlines your endeavors:

  • You make fewer trips to the local dumpster to discard trash.
  • You don’t spend as much money on gas.
  • You’ll cause less wear and tear to your vehicle. 
  • You can focus on the singular task of picking up and tossing garbage. 

What You Should Know Before Renting a Garbage Dumpster

While renting a garbage dumpster is a fairly straightforward process, you should know about some limitations beforehand. Placement laws and regulations or content and weight allowances vary by location and company. Carefully consider the listed disposal specifics prior to signing a rental contract. 

#1 Understanding Your Service Options

When you search for dumpster rental services, you will discover numerous providers who promise excellent customer service and prompt deliveries and takeaways. Don’t take their word for it. Check out customer reviews before signing a contract. 

You can find reviews on:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp

Worthy companies like VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters consistently earn positive reviews from former clients. Once you identify two or three candidates, call them to request and compare quotes. 

#2 Placement, Size, and Contents

Hiring a waste management service isn’t as simple as making a call, scheduling dumpster delivery, and tossing detritus and unwanted items into a big bin. Your provider needs to know the following three things before you rent a waste container:

  • Where to place the container: You need a level, solid surface to support the container. Many people choose driveways, carports, or nearby streets. 
  • What the container will hold: Some contents require special containers for transport. Plus, your company might have restrictions on what they’ll allow you to throw into their bins. Communicate with your provider for a solution that satisfies both parties. 
  • The container size needed: Remember the recommended rule of thumb: pay less for larger sizes. While you might feel tempted to save every penny, you’ll pay more if you underestimate your load size. 

Consider these factors to avoid surprise dumpster rental costs on your final bill. 

#3 Complying With Local Requirements

Does your municipality have regulations regarding waste containers? What do they say? You’ll want to comply with those requirements throughout your trash container rental service to avoid fines and other inconvenient penalties. 

For example, a homeowners association might have guidelines prohibiting placing disposal bins within view of the street. Your city laws may specify that disposal renters place containers squarely on their properties rather than on public infrastructure. Ask your rental service whether they know about the local restrictions. 

#4 Avoiding Property Damage

This pertinent but often-forgotten tip could protect your property from expensive damage. Old driveways and carports may crack, crumble, or scratch when the service provider drops off your rental container. The pickup could further the damage. 

Prevent these issues by laying out a couple of layers of plywood at the placement location. They will absorb shock and protect the concrete or asphalt from scratches. If you discover scratches following unit pickup, you can likely pressure-wash them away, revealing a clean, unmarred surface beneath. 

#5 How Overage Fees Work

No one wants to incur unexpected fees following a purchased service. However, unwittingly using a garbage bin rental incorrectly might lead to unpleasant invoice discoveries. You can avoid these surprises by:

  • Choosing companies with reasonable weight limits: Some companies set low weight limits to profit from fees. Work with a rental service that sets reasonable limits according to the contents you’ll toss. 
  • Only disposing of allowable trash: If you accidentally toss a forbidden item, like electronics, into the bin, you’ll incur a fee. Have designated trash cans for such materials and eliminate them according to local and federal standards. 
  • Renting adequately-sized units: Trust us: choosing a bigger rental dumpster can save you money. You can easily overfill small ones, especially when emptying a house. 
  • Not overfilling your unit: Once you choose an appropriate unit, remain aware of how much you fill it throughout your disposal work. 

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