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Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress?

Illegal dumping is not only an eyesore but also against the law in most areas. Don’t risk legal consequences by leaving your mattress on the side of the road or illegally disposing of it in a body of water or field. Not everyone has the resources or time to transport a mattress to a proper disposal site. Properly disposing of your mattress is also important for the environment. Mattresses contain materials and chemicals that can harm wildlife and ecosystems if left improperly decomposing.

Here at VETS, we know that illegal dumping is not only unsightly and harmful to the environment, but it can also cost you big time. We’re committed to offering legal, sustainable, and efficient solutions for all your mattress removal needs. We believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, starting with safe and responsible mattress disposal.

What Makes Us Different?

One of the key ways that we stand out is through our environmentally responsible practices in mattress disposal. We appreciate the impact that mattresses can have on landfill sites, and that’s why we prioritize recycling and proper disposal to reduce wastage and minimize their impact. We’re also dedicated to reliability and punctuality, which are crucial for mattress removal.

We understand how important your time is, and we aim to be prompt and efficient in every job we undertake. At VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a stress-free and smooth experience to all our clients, and we’re always prepared to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Hiring VETS for Mattress Removal

We’ve got you covered whether you want to remove old furniture, appliances, or other unwanted items. Here are some of the benefits of hiring us:

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Convenience and Safety
Eco-friendly disposal
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Time and energy savings
Peace of Mind

We Can Make Mattress Removal Easy For You

We understand that getting rid of a mattress can be a daunting task, so we offer our mattress removal service at an affordable rate, taking the hassle and stress out of the process. Whether you have a single mattress or need to get rid of multiple mattresses, we have the resources and expertise to handle jobs of any size.

At VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters, we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and taking care to dispose of your old mattresses responsibly. We recycle whatever we can from each mattress, giving it a second life and reducing waste in landfills. Our commitment to sustainability means you can trust that we’re doing our part to protect the environment while providing a high-quality mattress removal service.

Pricing And Details


At VETS, we put clear pricing at the top of our list to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience with no surprises regarding fees. We aim to offer affordable and transparent services that prioritize your satisfaction. Just complete our easy-to-use online booking form and get a quote without any obligations.


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Looking for assistance with Mattress Removal? Look no further than VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters. Our team of experienced military veterans is ready to lend a hand and put their years of expertise to work for you.

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