How To Dispose of Concrete and Other Construction Debris in Atlanta

Mar 20, 2024

Whether you’re rearranging your residential landscape or deconstructing a rickety old building, you need to know how to dispose of concrete properly to ensure your worksite’s safety. 

As a junk removal service in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters has assisted with many similar projects. We know the proper concrete removal protocols that keep these projects moving forward while also protecting the environment.

Discover how to transfer concrete away from your site with our recommendations below.

Why You Can’t Dump Concrete the Normal Way

You probably know that household waste goes to a local dumpster. Eventually, the dumpster transfers that waste to a landfill. Concrete is different, as there’s always a chance that other parties might reuse the material. 

Concrete falls under an official Construction and Demolition classification, which means you must discard it according to strict standards. If everyone tossed their old construction materials into the same landfills as household waste, think of the growing heap. 

Mohamed Omani’s Waste (2011) estimates that, in the United States, the average site’s construction waste output equals around 30% of the total weight of the materials used there. That’s why recycling concrete waste can greatly benefit the environment, other businesses who can use the concrete, and your own demolition project.

First, Rent an Appropriate Dumpster

So, what’s the first step of any waste recycling effort for concrete? As with any material, this involves renting an appropriately sized dumpster to collect the waste materials. 

Rental services like VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters offer eco-friendly concrete collection and removal services scaled to your needs. These rental containers work perfectly for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Start by choosing the size and number of your rentals alongside the service timeframe. Your service provider will remove the full dumpsters and replace them with empty ones as needed. 

Just make sure you avoid overfilling the containers!

How to Dispose of Concrete Safely and Legally

Reputable concrete removal services automatically transfer your waste to a nearby recycling facility. However, knowing your options is essential in learning how to dispose of concrete correctly. 

Explore a few appropriate concrete disposal methods below. 

#1 Dump It at a Landfill That Accepts Concrete

While many local landfills don’t accept construction materials, some do. They charge fees for each ton of concrete received from you. 

This option eliminates the middleman. However, it also adds considerable amounts of unnecessary waste to a growing trash problem. In other words, you trade sustainability and eco-friendliness for convenience. 

#2 Hire a Hauling Service

Are you thinking of renting a dumpster from a container rental company like VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters? Take advantage of the convenient hauling service.

With a hauling service, you can avoid the hassle of finding a suitable landfill or recycling facility. It sure beats having to haul the waste to the dumping location and unload everything yourself. 

#3 Sell the Concrete Online

Some projects, especially on residential properties, produce minimal construction waste. You can dispose of concrete debris in small amounts by selling or giving it away to local property owners or service providers. For example, nearby homeowners might use it to build a firepit or a landscape feature. 

Online marketplaces also advertise waste materials and the price. Small contractor services or surrounding residents may purchase from these listings and use the waste to improve their own projects. This method builds a local network, but takes longer to get rid of the waste, if you manage to get rid of all of it.

#4 Recycle the Concrete 

Do you have specific concrete recycling facilities in mind? Make arrangements with your dumpster rental and takeaway service to transfer the container’s contents to your chosen facility. This approach might cost extra if your facility is out of the way, but it guarantees environmentally friendly concrete disposal. 

Why might you choose a different recycling facility? Some services help organizations you may support. For example, Habitat for Humanity uses donated building materials for charity projects.  

#5 Contact Local Construction or Landscaping Companies

Do you want to fuel your local economy while making a buck? If online selling doesn’t work, personally contacting nearby service providers might. 

Check your local directory for landscapers or construction crews who might put the materials to good use. It might not sell for a high price, if at all, but it will help local businesses.

#6 Donate the Concrete

Like selling concrete waste online, donating the materials typically only works for those forgotten that are too much trouble to haul. If you discover a few errant pieces littering the project site, why not just place them on the curb where people can see them without getting in the way? 

Put a sign up next to the pile indicating that it’s free to anyone who wants the pieces. Passersby may load the chunks into their truck beds for landscaping or construction use. 

Contact VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters to Learn More About Your Concrete Disposal Options 

Now that you know how to dispose of concrete, you can jumpstart your next project with concrete removal assistance from VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters. We’ll supply rental containers and transfer services to keep your site clean. Call (404) 594-2508 to learn more about what we do in Atlanta, GA and other areas!