Got Large Trash? – Bulky Trash Pickup Charlotte to The Rescue

May 12, 2021

No matter how you look at it, getting rid of large trash is no mean feat. So what’s the best way to eliminate really large amounts of waste safely and effectively? What are your options? And can a bulky trash pickup Charlotte company help?

You probably only have to worry about household trash most of the time. And that’s not any different for commercial spaces where we find more of empty water bottles and paper in their waste bins.

But what do you do when you have really large debris to haul? At this point, removing and disposing of it becomes a huge challenge.


For renters and homeowners, the kind of trash you generate may easily fit in your disposal bins. In fact, we’ve seen homeowners who have the luxury of using as many as three waste bins. One waste bin handles garbage waste while they also set aside two more for organic waste and recycling.

And from time to time, your trash cans may overflow. This mostly happens during the holidays and celebrations. In times like these, many people just put in as much as their waste bins can carry. Then, they stuff the rest in whenever the garbage trucks visit the neighborhood.

However, there may come a time when you have so much trash that your disposal bins can’t contain them. We are talking about the kind of waste that keeps lying around for weeks. It then gets to a point where you can’t have all that bulk trash sitting there, occupying valuable space. At this point, you want nothing more than to get rid of it and free up some space on your property.

This usually happens when undertaking home renovation/remodeling projects. It’s common knowledge that home improvement projects are responsible for the accumulation of large quantities of junk and debris. Such kinds of wastes usually present a huge challenge for homeowners. No one wants to have that much trash sitting in their driveway for weeks.

You may also have recently completed a landscaping project. Now your property looks really good and has this fresh feel to it. But then you have huge piles of cartons and bags, as well as organic waste, lying around and you want nothing more than to have them hauled off.

And what about those household items of yours that have been around for years? We are talking about broken gadgets and electronics, gym equipment, large piles of old clothes, and other stuff. You’ve finally gotten enough of these items occupying space in your home and want to get rid of them. Yet, you can’t just throw them out because they just won’t fit in your garbage can.


If you’re currently thinking about what to do about large garbage, here are some removal options that you can explore:

● Get rid of it yourself
You can consider a DIY large trash removal but keep in mind that it comes with some challenges. All of that bulk waste has to go into a large trailer or truck and you probably don’t have one.

There may also be no landfill in your area that isn’t too far away from where you live. And even if you have access to one, you can’t tell whether the landfill accepts all waste types or not. You also have to think about how much time and effort you will need to load, haul, and unload the bulk waste.

● Recycle it
Recycling household items isn’t always that easy. Eventually, you will need to do some work to break it all down and get everything sorted out before visiting the recycling center. So you have to get equipment like safety goggles and gloves while thinking of other ways to keep everyone involved protected.

Don’t forget to get in touch with the local recycling center to find out what their restrictions are. Most recycling centers usually have a lot of restrictions. It’s best to know what the terms are so you don’t get turned away after arriving with a large haul.

● Get a local handyman to do it
Yes, this option is relatively cheaper. There are always individuals in any local area willing to help you haul your trash in exchange for payment. But if such an individual isn’t insured, that could be quite a huge risk. You want to be extra careful about having someone with no coverage or training haul your waste and work on your property.

● Hire professionals to handle your bulk waste (recommended!)
Millions of tons of trash are generated by Americans every year. The best and most effective way to get rid of such large debris is to call in the experts. A bulky trash pickup Charlotte company has the experience and equipment to get the job done. That way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having the professionals haul your bulk trash.

A reputable trash removal firm also has insurance to protect you from any loss that arises from its activities while on your property. They also have what it takes to do the job properly in an efficient manner. The only real challenge would be finding one that you can trust.


With Veterans Easy Trash Service, finding a reliable large trash removal company doesn’t have to be that difficult. The folks at our firm are competent and have the right training to provide an excellent service.

No matter how big your trash is, just call us and we will take care of it. VETS will also make sure that all items worth recycling are dealt with accordingly. Why wait for on-site estimates when you can use our convenient booking system?

Our bulky trash pickup Charlotte service comes at competitive prices and we guarantee a friendly process. Our well-trained team is punctual and treats all our customers with respect. Call us today if you’d like to arrange a large trash removal service in Charlotte.