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Solutions for Appliance Removal

VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters boasts a team of experts armed with the necessary equipment and know-how to manage the removal of bulky or uniquely shaped appliances both safely and efficiently.  We understand the significance of promptly and appropriately disposing of appliances, adhering strictly to all relevant local regulations.

No matter the size or type of appliance – from compact stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers to hefty commercial-grade machines – our service encompasses it all. We use the latest tech and smart tactics to safely get your appliances out, without leaving a scratch on your space. Trust us to deftly maneuver those hefty appliances, ensuring a smooth transition without a scratch.

Why Choose VETS for Appliance Removal in Lexington SC?

Getting rid of old appliances is no easy task, especially when you’re trying to weave them through tight spaces and then figure out where to dump them responsibly. Navigating large items through your premises can be tricky, not to mention the difficulty in finding a suitable disposal site. At Veterans Easy Trash Service in Lexington, SC, we simplify the process of appliance removal for you.

Our team, seasoned in handling bulky objects, skillfully removes them from your property and securely loads them onto our trucks. If the appliances are still functional, we opt for recycling them, steering clear of landfills. We give your old appliances a second shot, protecting the planet in the process.

We take great care to remove your appliances without leaving a scratch, keeping your space pristine. When you select Veterans Easy Trash Service for appliance removal in Lexington, SC, you’re signing up for top-notch service at competitive rates.

Benefits of Hiring VETS for Appliance Removal

You can’t go wrong choosing Veterans Easy Trash Service for appliance removal in Lexington, SC. We ensure every customer enjoys the following benefits from our services:

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Stress-Free Experience
Safety and Avoidance of Damage
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Proper Disposal
Space Optimization

Need appliances removed? expect superior customer service from vets!

When you reach out to Veterans Easy Trash Service in Lexington, SC, we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Our commitment won’t waver until your expectations are not just met, but surpassed. We’re all about making things work for you, so go ahead and pick a time that slots seamlessly into your busy life for us to swing by and haul off those bulky items.

We’ve got the top-notch gear to whisk away your hefty, odd-shaped stuff without leaving a scratch behind. In the rare event of an on-site accident, rest assured, we are fully insured, so you won’t bear any liability. We’re on a mission to strip away the stress of hauling off old appliances in Lexington, SC.

Trust in our team to cater to all your requirements, swiftly clearing your property of any unwanted appliances. No task is too daunting for our experts; we’re here whenever you require top-tier appliance removal services.

Lexington Appliance Removal Pricing


Honest and Affordable Rates for Appliance Removal

Many of the appliance removal FAQs we receive focus on the cost of service. We offer transparent pricing starting with a free quote when you first contact us. Should you require any additional services, we’ll adjust the price of your estimate accordingly and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs.

At VETS, we put clear pricing at the top of our list to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience with no surprises regarding fees. We aim to offer affordable and transparent services that prioritize your satisfaction. Just complete our easy-to-use online booking form and get a quote without any obligations.

Reach out to our friendly experts if you need to get a stove, refrigerator, or other item out of your property. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for service. 


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If you have old appliances that you need to dispose of in Lexington, SC, or the surrounding areas, VETS Junk Removal & Dumpsters is the company to call. We can handle everything from disconnecting your appliances to safely and responsibly disposing them. We prioritize sustainability by recycling as much as possible and following all local regulations for proper disposal.

Contact us today at (803) 602-4773 to learn more about our appliance removal services.

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Appliances We Remove in Lexington, SC

At Veterans Easy Trash Service, we haul away appliances of all sizes, regardless of their working order. Reach out to us when you have unwanted appliances in your home or business and need someone to properly dispose of them. We are able to remove the following items from properties:

  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Microwaves
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Small appliances, including blenders and coffee makers
  • Commercial-grade appliances

Please note that we’re unable to take items containing food waste. If you schedule the removal of a refrigerator or freezer still containing food items, you’ll need to remove all remaining food before we can haul away the appliances. 

Turn to the best team in the business for fast and reliable appliance removal in Lexington, SC. Veterans Easy Trash Service has your solution for safe and sustainable appliance disposal services. Submit our online form or call (803) 602-4773 to receive a free estimate. 

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